210 to 230 kg


Weed / Grass / Vegetation cover

Working width

0.60 to 0.70m

Complete range from 0.60 m to 0.70 m.

BHH grass shredders are specially designed for intensive work on the front of inter-row tractors.
Their 30 cm front opening and heavy rotor give them exceptional output.
The 5 mm body offers unrivalled robustness.

Equipment :

Height-adjustable vine shredder skids and rear roller.

Hydraulic shredder motor with freewheel.

Rotor fitted with hammers (spoon blades, Y blades on request).

Rear anti-projection deflector on the vine shredder to eject vegetation.

2 possible motorizations: 55-70 l/mn or 70-90 l/mn at 190 bars.


– Multi-purpose horizontal shaft shredder
– Robust shredder: 8mm sheet metal
– Anti-projection rear deflector for vegetation ejection
– High-quality 5mm steel body
– Height-adjustable skids and roller
– Front attachment


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