Adjustable cuts

Interchangeable cuts

Knives or disc blades


Specialised in kiwifruit

We wanted to provide Kiwifruit growers with a solution, so we designed the RK in collaboration with professionals in the industry.

Lightweight and compact, with no superfluous options, it meets your needs, while evolving with time and your plantings.


• Montée hydraulique multiposition
• Ecartement manuel indépendant des 1/2 rangs frontaux
• Lamier avec couteaux coulissant sur son support
• Inclinaison des coupes verticales manuel
• Coupe verticale 1.55m, 4 lames, Ø500
• Coupe verticale 2.00m, 6 lames, Ø500
• Dimensions entre couteaux :
min : 1800mm
max : 3000mm
• Support de dépose


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