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Numerous hydraulic movements

A full 2-row trimming machine specially designed for vines with high arches, particularly common in the Charentes region but also in other parts of the world.

The COUP’ECO VITI RS200A trimming machine offers its user working comfort, precision and ergonomic operation thanks to its electronic joystick.

As an option, the RS200A can be fitted with Sylvoses and hydraulic feeders with centralised speed control.


– Twin-beam chassis with hydraulic lift
– Hydraulic movements D/G: Gaps, top cutting height,
– Manual adjustment of vertical cutting angle
– Row thickness (by folding forward in both work and transport modes)
– Safety device for deleting all cuts (vertical and horizontal)
– Pivoting linkage on category 2 lifting arms (1 or 3 possible)
– Hydraulically adjustable variable track
– Hydraulic variable length drawbar (900mm)
– Electro-hydraulic joystick control 12DE including 1 on standby


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